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Maui Resident cards are valid on the Big Island, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai.


How to Establish Proof of Maui Residency

If you own property on any of the Maui islands, you are considered a resident of Maui and are entitled to Kamaaina Discounts. You can prove your residency with a Maui Resident card because it officially links your identity to your property in Maui.

How to Establish Proof of Maui Residency

1. Locate Your Property's Parcel ID

Each county has its own property database. Just select the County where you pay property taxes.

Maui County
Honolulu, Oahu County
Big Island, Hawaii County
Kauai County

You can search by address or Parcel ID.
Your Parcel ID is also on your tax bill and looks like this - 480031240000.

2. Apply for Your Maui Resident card

Your official card will feature your name, photo, your Maui address and its parcel ID. Personal identity can be checked against any government issued ID. Property ownership can be verified - at any time, by anyone - using the county's property tax website.

3. Start Saving

Present your Maui Resident Card to Maui businesses to redeem your Kaamina Discount.

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Maui Resident cards are fully documented, totally supported, strictly controlled, and never expire.
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Our services include the following:

  1. Vehicle and RV Registration
  2. Commercial Fleet Services
  3. Auto Services
  4. Driver Records
  5. Plates by Mail

For Property Owners Only

Dear Maui Property Owner,

Considering the fact that you have a substantial financial investment in your Maui property, we think it is only right that you should be entitled to receive local discounts from the very establishments that you are patronizing.

The Maui Resident Card can achieve that for you. Indeed, there are an infinite number of reasons that you need and should have a Resident Card. We will assist you in every possible way. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.


If you're coming to Hawaii this year, get your Resident Card first.
You'll be glad you did!

Save money, every day, every month, indefinitely! Restaurants, hotels, activities, car rentals and more! Statewide... You can save thousands of dollars a year with your Maui Resident Card!

Prices and discounts are always subject to change. Call the business first to verify that they offer Kamaaina discounts to residents.

Activities should be booked directly with the company, not thru a broker. The business will always give you a better discount because they are not paying a commission to the activity broker. Although activity brokers may offer you deals, the actual price is always higher than you will pay by going direct to the activity of your choice.

Your Maui Resident Card can also be used from the Mainland to save on Hotels, Car Rentals, inter-Island Air Fares and more!

The Maui Resident Card is
fully documented, totally supported and strictly controlled.
It is valid indefinitely.

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