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Web Site & Marketing Solutions
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About Us

ALLSTARS B2B Marketing is a unique, dedicated resource that provides our advertising client base with great opportunities to make their Web Site & Marketing strategies stand out from the crowd. We offer a complete turnkey service from consultancy through to production and all stops in between.

ALLSTARS B2B Marketing specializes in the area of Internet Marketing Strategies, and has developed a strong expertise in the Industrial and Commercial fields. We have witnessed first hand the opportunities that companies have gained by creating solid "Internet Solutions" for their company. Your company's main growth area comes from "Reach, Retain & Repeat" the traffic from your website into customers for more market share.

ALLSTARS B2B Marketing team consists of extremely strong, certified and degreed professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Our dedicated sales & marketing team can help you generate qualified leads, communicate with your best prospects and customers, and develop new market share to help sell more products and services.

Services Offering are ...

  • Custom Website Design & Development
    • Specializing in the Industrial & Commercial Industries
    • Built with Design & Excellent User Interface
  • Information Architecture & Navigation Design
  • Scalable design for future additions
  • Design themed around your business and brand
  • Custom Applications
  • Custom Graphics & Logos
  • Innovative JavaScript solutions
  • Flash intros, clips or complete Flash sites
  • DHTML, XHTML, XML scripting
  • Custom eCatalog Solutions
  • Custom Online Inventory Management
  • Password authentication
  • Shopping cart with secure transactions
  • Custom ASP or CGI/Perl/PHP Programming
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Database Design & Integration
  • Mailing List Management
  • Streaming Audio and Video
  • Company "Branding"
  • Corporate Image Review and Enhancement
  • Complete Virtual Marketing & Sales Media Review
  • New Product or Service Introduction
  • Corporate Specialty Advertising
  • Complete Site Management
  • Site Promotion Campaigns
    • Pay per Click (PPC)
    • Cost per Click (CPC)
    • Pay for Placement (PFP)
  • Search Engine Submission & Placement Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Link Building
  • Keyword Research & Marketing Strategies
  • SEO/SEP analysis
    • Web Site Competitive Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis of Products and Services
  • New Product Competitive Analysis, Review, Development, Introduction & Promotion
  • Customize Hosting Programs
  • Web Site Tracking Tools
  • Virtual Marketing Assistance:
    • Database Development
    • Lead Generation Programs
    • Internet Research
    • Usability Testing & Evaluation
    • Integrated Marketing & Advertising Strategy
    • Corporate Identity Solutions - Branding
    • Direct Mail Initiatives
    • Trade Show Research and Development
    • Specialty Advertising Solutions

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