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Internet Business Planning

Are your Internet marketing efforts yielding positive results? What are the goals of your web site, and is it achieving these goals? Effective Internet business planning sets the stage for your online success.

Growing Your Business in the New Industrial Marketplace

The Internet used to be the wave of the future. Now, it's a business-to-business tsunami, and it has turned industrial marketing into a sink-or-swim proposition.

Over the course of the past decade, the Internet has emerged as the destination of choice for buyers and specifies seeking information about industrial suppliers and their products.

  • It's where more of your potential customers are researching, comparing, specifying and buying, and
  • where lucrative, long-term relationships are forged,
  • or - if your site falls short of users' expectations - forsaken.

Yet the Internet has a marvelous sense of irony. Even as it offers industrial suppliers unprecedented marketing power, it leaves them completely powerless. Industrial buyers now call almost all the shots, and your products are being bought, not sold.

In today's marketplace, nearly everyone has a web site of some kind. However, most companies struggle to see any real business growth from their site. The truth is, just "having" a web site is not enough! It takes a sound strategy and careful planning to ensure your success.

You have but one way to sway prospects in your favor: the information you provide online.

Prospective buyers who come to your Web site expect two things:

  • detailed information,
  • and the ability to find it fast.

For that very reason, you need online tools that will help buyers make instant decisions.

Satisfy their need for easy-to-find information and their dollars could be yours. But disappoint them, and you can kiss customers (and their dollars) goodbye.

ALLSTARS B2B Marketing can walk you step-by-step through the process of developing, implementing, and tracking a successful web strategy.

  1. Situation Analysis
    • Strategic review of your business
    • Analysis of your competitive environment
    • Understanding of your target market
    • Definition of your goals
    • Determination of Budget parameter
  2. Strategic Recommendations
    • Recommended Internet tools to achieve your goals (web site, e-commerce, intranet, extranet, etc)
    • Site content and structure outline
    • Web marketing recommendations (search engine optimization, direct e-mail, etc.)
    • Recommended success measurement tools
  3. Implementation
    • Identification of project action items and timelines
    • Design, production, and testing of your Internet marketing tools
  4. Measurement
    • Measurement of your success in achieving specific goals (leads, sales, etc.)
    • Web site traffic analysis
    • Search engine position reporting

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