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Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

ALLSTARS B2B Marketing is a dedicated Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization company that not only promotes but educates your business on the values of effective web site promotion and achieving high rankings on search engines.

Our goal is to improve your web site's ranking with the most popular search engines is by using competitive research, statistical analysis of keywords, sophisticated software and "thinking like a customer in need of a solution." This is "not" simply submitting your pages to hundreds of search engines. This is a highly technical process to reach more qualified customers by driving traffic to your web site by optimizing your pages for improved rankings in the most popular search engines.

ALLSTARS B2B Marketing's web site promotion process brings you, our client, through every step and helps your company become even more ambitious on the internet. Our 21 steps web site marketing plan is much maligned for not only getting the best result but also for educating our clients on the entire internet marketing campaign process.

The team of experts at ALLSTARS B2B Marketing has designed services that include ALL of these components as standard features, and exceed the service offerings found at most other companies. We have dedicated technical support as well as separate programming management staff to make sure we are exceeding the service needs of our clients, and multiple teams of technicians that know SEO inside out.

Our services are tailored to the audience of the industrial market place. For example:

  • It is sometimes right to offer large clients a combination of multi-national or national site optimization.
  • Likewise, many of our industrial clients we serve are regional with very specific geo-targeted needs where a finely focused project is the appropriate solution. We offer something for everybody as long as the project makes sense.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization by no means refers to tricking or spamming search engines into achieving a rank for your web site. This will only result in getting your web site penalized! Yes, being penalized is a real possibility and it happens to many people who try optimizing their site without professional Search Engine Optimization help.

While it's tempting to apply all the latest tricks of the trade to your site to help it achieve better ranking, knowing which tricks are banned, which are going to be banned, and those "tricks" which will remain permitted by the search engines is the real key. And only an expert like ALLSTARS B2B Marketing's team who is dedicated to Search Engine Optimization can help you with that.

Professional Search Engine Optimization

Writing great content for your web site, submitting it to the search engines and getting in their database is the first step.

But it isn't enough anymore.

With the stiff competition for web listings, and search engines changing their ranking algorithms constantly, you need to optimize your content and code at least once every 3 months. We offer continual optimization to maintain and upgrade rank position thru our monthly RankGuard© Services.


In order to get an inside look at the complicated world of search engine optimization, please read below for tips on Search Engine Optimization techniques for your web site.

Or ask yourself "Can I handle all of this by myself, or should I hire a Search Engine Optimization expert to position my web site correctly?"

Importance of Clean HTML Code to Search Engine Optimization

  • Your web site's HTML code, its appearance and presentation to the search engine robots, is important to a Search Engine Optimization campaign. How clean is your code? To have one of our experts check it over, please Contact Us today.

HTML Tags and Search Engine Optimization

  • One of the most important things a search engine optimization professional can do is check all of the META tags on your web site and make sure that they are optimized. And to ensure that you understand the full value of our service, we explain to you what each META tag is, what their history was and how they are used now. Remain in control of your web site by knowing every change that's made on it. Never simply hand off your web site, cross your fingers and just hope for the best.

Body Tags and Search Engine Optimization

  • HTML body tags are easily overlooked by many people when optimizing a web site. But you'll never find that with us. Our Search Engines Optimization experts know which tags to use and where to best place them.

Title Tag and Search Engine Optimization

  • The Title tag is one of the most important things that you can optimize, and it can either make or break your rankings. We know how to create successful "killer" Title tags that raise your rankings and attract a higher click-through rate too.

META Keywords Tag and Search Engine Optimization

  • The META Keywords tag, while not as important as it used to be, still serves a purpose and plays a role in optimization.  Inktomi still officially uses the keyword META tag and they can direct enough traffic to your web site to make keyword META tag optimization worth your while.

META Description Tag and Search Engine Optimization

  • The META Description tag is used to varying degrees in all search engines. It is your opportunity to accurately describe the contents of your page while trying to entice visitors to click on your link. While it can sometimes be difficult to do both at the same time, our Search Engine Optimization experts have the experience needed to be successful.

Content and Search Engine Optimization

  • Writing high ranking content is tricky. Not only do you have to include a high percentage of your keywords throughout, there are also strategic spots to place your keywords for the best effect. Our Search Engine Optimization experts can write high-ranking search engine copy that does not sacrifice your sales results in the process.

Search Engine Optimization and the Dynamic Web Site

  • We know that our Search Engine Optimization service cannot interfere with the basic requirements of online stores (E-Commerce) that they be fast, functional shopping sites with easy online features that allow a customer to checkout in just a couple of clicks. We recognize the best way to do this is through the use of dynamic content, pages that are often considered "unfriendly" to the search engines. So how can we provide a high-quality Search Engine Optimization service that does not take away from the functionality of your online store?

    There are many ways to approach optimizing a dynamic shopping site. If the URL's are short and easy for the search engines to spider, we will work with our own programmers, and the client's programmers, to optimize the dynamic pages themselves. We will also optimize pre-existing content sections of the site that are often overlooked, such as pages about the company, their product, their history, or their customer service policies.

At ALLSTARS B2B Marketing we help you establish and maintain a rank position by applying optimization methodologies that work!

Click here to have a Search Engine Optimization expert optimize your site today and avoid getting your web site banned from the search engines forever.

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