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5 Tips on Search Engine Optimization

A search engine can dramatically increase your web site traffic; THUS the importance of having a Search Engine Optimizer on your team. As your SEO professional, ALLSTARS B2B Marketing will watch over your web site as if it was our own, ensuring your web site is always running in peak form. The optimization tips below are basic steps needed for internet success!

#1 Tips: Why You Shouldn't Optimize Your Own Site

While we have given you some basic optimization tips to help you quickly boost your search engine ranking, we still recommend that you partner with a professional Search Engine Optimization for the best results. Search engines change their guidelines and algorithms regularly, making it impossible for any one or two people to stay on top of all the changes while still running their business. What was a great optimization tip yesterday could get your site blacklisted today.

#2 Tips: Keyword & Description Tags – Useful Or Not?

To make a long story short, the meta keyword tag is all but dead. It is only officially supported by Inktomi, while Google, AllTheWeb and AltaVista now ignore it. However, if Inktomi is your major search engine target, here are a couple of optimization tips to help you out.

  • Always ensure that whatever terms you place in your Meta keyword tag also appear in the body of copy. You do not want to be considered a spammer. The only exception that can be made here is for common misspellings of a word. They can add a small boost to your internet traffic as not everyone was a spelling bee champion in grade school.
  • Watch out for repeats! You want to include your most important phrases, but when doing so it can be difficult not to repeat one word many times. There is no actual limit, but we recommend that no one word is repeated in the keyword Meta tag more than 2-3 times. The Meta description tag is supported by almost all search engines, but AltaVista, AllTheWeb and Teoma make the most use of the tag.

Here are two more optimization tips that should help you out:

  • Make sure you accurately describe the content of your page while trying to entice visitors to click on your listing. Include 3-4 of your most important keyword phrases. Especially those used in your Title tag and page copy.
  • Try to have your most important keywords appear at the beginning of your description. This often brings better results, and will help avoid having any search engine cut off your keywords if they limit the length of your description.

#3 Tips: Your Title Tag Could Have You Blacklisted – So Be Careful!

We recommend that you include 1-2 of your most important keyword phrases in the title tag, BUT be careful not to just list keywords. If you just list keywords, you risk being viewed as a spammer, which can ultimately lead to your web site being blacklisted by the search engines. Your Title tag should include your keyword phrases remaining as close to a readable sentence as possible to avoid any problems.

#4 Tips: You Can Optimize Your Images Too!

This is another optimization tip that many people forget about. However, through use of your "alt" image attribute tag, you can slip in an extra keyword phrase or two that describes the picture users are about to see. The text only shows up when the user has turned off the 'view images' option in their browser or the image fails to load. But some search engine robots will pick it up too and the extra keywords could help with ranking. So take a few seconds to implement this optimization tip on your site and you could see improved results soon.

#5 Tips: Pay Attention To Your Content

Every one is so keen to optimize their code that they often forget about their content. But, as optimization tips go, this is one you should pay close attention to. The first 200 words of your home page should be loaded with keywords. This includes your headline. Some search engines, particularly those that ignore Meta tags, will actually use the first few lines of text (including the headline) as your web site description.

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