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Web Site Tracking and Reporting

As a small-business owner, you're not likely to hire a new employee and then become totally clueless as to whether that person ever shows up for work.

You're also not likely to take on a new partner without some way of tracking the revenues, benefits or efficiencies gained from the relationship.

So why do so many industrial businesses build web sites, invest in online marketing campaigns and then devote little or no effort to analyzing the return on their investment?

It's more common than you would ever realize. People are not taking the time to look at web log files or traffic trends – even those who spend a lot of money on online advertising. The reason is because a vast number of small to medium size industrial businesses are still relatively new to the web; many have yet to take the next step of tracking their return on investment (ROI).

However, many other people do look at the [web site traffic statistics], but have trouble making sense of the data because of the way it is compiled and presented.

Internet-savvy industrial businesses know there are easy to use, easy to understand and affordable web tools available today to monitor and analyze their site traffic. ALLSTARS B2B Marketing offers a web-based tool that monitors your site traffic in real time and can help you improve the design and efficiency of your Web site.

These same industrial businesses also know that by using site-traffic analysis tools, they can do a great deal more than track how many people are coming to their sites. They can assess their visitors' online behavior (enabling changes to be made to their Web sites, if necessary), and evaluate the effectiveness of their online marketing dollars (enabling them to increase, cut back or re-deploy their budgets).

If you have a Web site that means more to you than just a brochure for your business, here are six ways a web analytics tool can help:

  1. You can evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. If you're spending a lot on search engine ads and keywords buys, you need to see which ones are performing and which aren't. ALLSTARS B2B Marketing's web tracking analytics tools let you see which search engines are sending you traffic as well as the most popular keywords used to find your site. What if you aren't spending any money at all on online marketing? A web monitoring tool will show you the gaps and holes in your search engine rankings and results, and very likely how you can shore them up with search engine submissions and/or keyword buys.
  2. You need to know where your traffic is coming from…and why…and what they do when they get there. Are search engines your site's biggest source of traffic? Or do you have little-knowledge but significant on-ramps from other web sites, perhaps complementary companies who are potential business partners? Also, are your efforts to generate new customers and sales leads (such as newsletter signups) working or not? ALLSTARS B2B Marketing's web site tracking tool, will provide Real-time activity reports that display where your users are coming from, for example, contains a "referrer" section showing who is sending you traffic - by specific web page, by domain and by domain type (such .com, .edu, .gov, etc..). Track the path users take within your site, which page they enter on, which pages they visit, and how long they stay.
  3. You need to know what users like and don't like about your Web site. ALLSTARS B2B Marketing's web site tracking tools identify your site's most requested pages, as well as your most common entry pages and exit pages. By discovering what items users are downloading, the pages they visit most, and the pages that need to be improved, will help in converting more traffic into customers. Knowing what is working well with in your web site will allow you to optimize your site to provide more traffic. But knowing your most common exit pages users are abandoning can be just as beneficial. Where users bail out of your site is important. Maybe you're losing people because of the content on that particular page and you need to change the content to something more intriguing or compelling.
  4. You need to know about any defects on your site. Most web monitoring tools enable you to see the operating systems and browsers your users have. It should help you to know, for example, the percentage of your users who have Macintosh systems (versus Windows) and who use Netscape browsers (versus Internet Explorer). What's the user experience using a Mac or Netscape? Beyond that, a tool such as ALLSTARS B2B Marketing's tracking tool will enable you to see how many users are attempting to link to nonexistent or "404" pages. These pages are a bad reflection, not just on your web site but also on your business. People may draw conclusions about your customer service. The more you know about how the user views your business, the better off you are.
  5. Find out what keywords are Driving Traffic to your Web Site. Find out which search terms are getting you the most qualified traffic by viewing the top 150 keywords and phrases that users search to get to your Web Site.
  6. It's how you'll really get to know your customers. The Internet - and all of the technologies associated with it - allow you to understand your customers and prospects better than other media and marketing channels. In the online world, not everybody is going to come to your site to buy a product or service. But the web allows you to track where they go and what they do on your site, so you can make changes to your site based on their behavior. You've become smarter. You can do that online.

ALLSTARS B2B Marketing's tracking tools also can track conversions (sales and trace the steps leading to conversions in a way no offline medium can). Such tools have forced people to do different things with their web sites. They're working harder now on their web sites and their businesses.

Our web site tracking solution will help ensure your company is making the most out of its Internet marketing resources. Armed with detailed information from ALLSTARS B2B Marketing's tracking tools will enable you to gauge the effectiveness of your Internet marketing initiatives.

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