Support Assist the Officer, Houston

Contribute through your company as part of a payroll deduction plan or send us your donations to:

Assist the Officer
Attn: Executive Director
1600 State Street
Houston, Texas 77007

We will send you a thank you letter for your tax records and a vehicle decal for you to proudly display.

Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Program

Kroger's new Neighbor to Neighbor program is another way to support Assist the Officer. Go to, click on "Find Your Organization", type in "Assist the Officer", double click on Assist the Officer, print the page with the bar code and follow instructions. It's easy!


Randalls offers customers a way to direct donation dollars to Assist the Officer by linking the Assist the Officer exclusive account number (749) with your Remarkable card. Go by your local Randalls Courtesy Booth and request for an appropriate form. Complete it and put in #749 as your choice of non profit organization - that's it. So each time you shop at Randalls, a portion of your purchase will be donated to Assist the Officer - what an easy way to give to a worthy cause.

Combined Municipal Campaign

The Combined Municipal Campaign, or CMC, extends the opportunity to city employees to demonstrate a strong sense of community by supporting issues that concern the citizenry of Houston. The CMC is an annual drive to raise funds from city employees to be contributed to various charitable organizations of their choice. The campaign begins in August and continues through the end of October. If you are a City of Houston employee and would like to contribute to Assist the Officer through this CMC program, please contact the City of Houston HR department for complete the appropriate form. REMEMBER: The last day to sign up is October 31st!

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1600 State Street
Houston, Texas 77002
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