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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a type of Internet connected computing, and it consists of every situation where the use of technology resources by a person or an organization, has all of the following characteristics:

  • Access to the resources is controlled by the cloud host and restricted to authorized users.
  • Delivery of the resource is via the Internet to all of these authorized users.
  • The resources are hosted by a cloud provider on behalf of the company and dedicated to the company’s exclusive use.
  • Data stored or processed by the resources is considered private and confidential to the cloud host and its associates. This applies to data entered or collected and / or automatically produced for them.

We work with your company to plan and mitigate problems concerning your company’s move to a Cloud based technology resource. The difference between dollars spent on capacity of Cloud Resources required for running your company, compared to dollars spent on running a technology department can be staggering. We assist companies on several levels to facilitate their technology move in to the Cloud. Some of the services provided are manage the planning of resources, manage the moving of data and software, negotiation of contracts to our Cloud Partners and technology resource planning for the future usage based on historical usage.