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Cloud Computing

Security (Cloud Services)

As technology experts from a variety of technology platforms and a variety of business sectors, one of the most commonly asked question from clients is “how secure is the company’s information?” most every company has security wrapped around their business data. This includes anti-virus for servers, anti-virus for workstations, firewall, backups, failover servers, security administration staff, monitoring applications, encryption of data and many other means of securing your valuable technology assets.

Now cloud computing is achieving increasing popularity and concerns are being voiced about the security issues introduced through adoption of this technology resource model. The complexity of choices can distract from our client company’s technology goals from the paranoia of malicious software making the company’s information accessible to thieves and hackers. There has been an increasing number of news stories concerning breaching of company information collected concerning bank accounts, credit cards, electronic fraud, sensitive information leaked to public web sites and others that happen daily that do not make it to the news media. The effectiveness and efficiency of traditional protection mechanisms are being reconsidered. We will guide your company in selecting the best means of securing your information and client records or transactions by using traditional methods of security for technology as well as reviewing your special needs for security and applying additional security as needed.

We will guide you in determining the amount of security that is required for your company’s information assets. We work with our Cloud partners concerning the external management of security-based services. Our Cloud service partners realize the importance of delivering and maintaining strong management of secure services. We will stand vigil with our Cloud partners to thwart criminals that try to find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in the system. There are many complex challenges and risks in cloud computing that increase the threat of data being compromised. We actively work with our Cloud partners to mitigate the threat, our Cloud computing partners have invested heavily in risk assessment to ensure that the system protects data; establishes trusted foundation to secure the platform and infrastructure; and builds higher assurance into auditing to strengthen compliance.