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SharePoint is a web application platform developed by Microsoft.  SharePoint is typically associated with web content management and document management browser deployed systems, but it is actually a much more robust platform of web technologies, capable of being configured to suit a wide range of business solution areas.

SharePoint is designed as a platform for common enterprise web requirements. In an enterprise environment SharePoint's multi-purpose design allows for management, scaling, and provisioning of a robust variety of business applications. It provides a layer of management and abstraction from the host server, with the ultimate goal of enabling business users to leverage business related features without having to understand technical aspects of traditional development. SharePoint also contains pre-defined template applications for commonly requested functionality, such as web portals, extranets, traditional websites, document and file management, team or company collaboration spaces, social tools, enterprise search and business intelligence.

We provide a wide range of resources that companies will need to manage the administration, development, security, hosting, configuration and customization of a SharePoint business solution. Our management and development staff will work with your company to provide the level of support and development your company requires to meet your business objective. We will develop a plan that meets the needs of your business while guiding and training your staff on how to use SharePoint in your organization. We provide our services using your equipment or we have SharePoint Cloud hosting partners we can use to deploy your business solution. We will work with you to tailor the best configuration to meet your business needs while providing your best possible return on investment in SharePoint solutions.