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Our web tracking services provide analytics from the behavior of visitors to a hosted client’s website. These services will allow from a commercial context, the measurement of which aspects of your company website work towards the business objectives of Internet marketing. We use a variety of tools and software combined to give our clients the best possible measurements of your web marketing initiative.

Using our SEO and PPC service offerings along with our many years of experience in marketing and sales, we help you manage the complex analysis and guide you to better return on investment of your Internet marketing budget.

The following types of information are collated in to meaningful reports from monitoring your web site traffic:

  • The number of visitors that view your web site or are directed to your web site.
  • The average number of page views per visitor.
  • Average amount of time that each visitor stays on your web site.
  • Average amount of time that each visitor stays on each of your web site pages.
  • The most popular viewing time of your web site.
  • The most popular pages on your web site.
  • Most requested entry pages shows which keyword phrases associated with your products or services that are attracting visitors
  • Referrers Tracking; Tracking the source of the origin links and determine which linked sites are generating the most traffic for your site page.
  • For your ecommerce sites we can monitor how your show cased products/services sell and give you reporting and trending for your on-line ecommerce sales of all products/services in your ecatalog.
  • We also monitor your Search Engine Rankings per web site page.