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Web content development is the process of researching, writing, gathering, organizing, editing and finally publishing this information on your company’s web site. Because the content of a Web site is the substance that draws and keeps an audience, the composition of your content should follow directly from your stated business purpose and target market. Web site content may consist of any or all combinations of your company’s purpose, product offerings, services, contact information, business location(s) or e-Commerce catalog for purchasing the items you sell. As a first step, you can prepare a set of content features that relate to your target audience, your products, your services, interests, news, events and concerns. For example, a site about industrial fasteners may have a site catalog broken down by different categories or subcategories of product offerings. Your site may have featured products that are your top selling items.

We are your resource for experienced content developers with both search engine optimization specialists and Internet marketing professionals. High quality, unique content is what search engines are looking for and content development specialists therefore have a very important role to play in the search engine optimization process. One issue currently plaguing the world of web content development is keyword-stuffed content which are prepared solely for the purpose of manipulating a search engine. This is giving a bad name to genuine web content writing professionals. The effect is writing content designed to appeal to machines (algorithms) rather than people or industry community. SEO specialists commonly submit content to Article Directories to build their website's authority on any given topic. Most Article Directories allow visitors to republish submitted content with the agreement that all links are maintained. As a result many complex decisions have to be balanced to achieve very good search ratings while remembering that your client needs to understand what your site is promoting or selling.