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refractory companies

Empire Refractory Specialists traces its roots back to Empire Fire Brick Company, a refractory company founded in Ft Wayne, Indiana in the year 1933. For more than 50 years Empire Fire Brick enjoyed a reputation for quality products and outstanding service. In 1985 Empire Fire Brick was purchased by Larry Snell and partner Carl Peak. It later became Empire Refractory Sales, the flagship of the now eight Empire Refractory companies.

Empire Refractory Specialists, founded by Ron Snell in 1989, is proud to identify with the long tradition of excellence pioneered by Empire Fire Brick and carried forward by Larry Snell. Today, the Empire Refractory Specialists team of Ron Snell, Larry Davis, Ron Kehl and Gene Camp can boast of a combined 120 years experience in the refractory industry. Their expertise extends to both material sales and installation/repair. As a Harbison Walker, contractor installer, distributor, they know refractory materials. Having completed over 3000 installation/repair projects, they know how to perform the job and get you back in production.

refractory companies refractory companies
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