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Our expert team has over 120 years combined refractory experience. We are available to advise and assist you on any and all aspects of the refractory process, including product selection, project management, bill of materials, scopes of work and refractory failure analysis.

Many of our clients are faced with cutbacks that leave them without the refractory expertise they once had. As a consequence, refractory projects are not planned or managed properly which often leads to costly failures. Our refractory company can provide the expertise and resources you need to optimize your refractory process and protect your equipment.

A high priority for all of our clients is to keep valuable process equipment running with as little downtime as possible. We can evaluate your refractory wear and develop a routine maintenance plan to minimize downtime and save you money.

New refractory materials are available today that can significantly extend the refractory lining life of your equipment. Many of our clients have upgraded with great results. We can make refractory inspections to determine what repairs are required and recommend materials to maximize the life of your refractory.


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