ESCI is an insulation company, fireproofing company, painting company, scaffold company, refractory company, safety company, heat tracing company and a plant maintenance company combined to be the premier Specialty Contracting Company. Our combination of services simplifies life for construction managers as well as plant operations and maintenance managers. We offer many specialty services that are complimentary and our customers have found this to be a very efficient approach for their specific needs. We pride ourselves in being problem solvers for our customers and provide free engineering for several of our lines. We work closely with vendors to discover innovative products and methods to bring the newest technologies to our customers.
At ESCI we offer estimates, budgets for maintenance, scope identification and sub-contractor management at no cost to our customers. Our labor force is second to none, and ESCI has the finest craftsmen in the world. Our quality is well known and we develop our Journeyman pool with a training program developed by our tenured staff. In the past 6 years ESCI has completed 61 major plant turnarounds, countless unit turnarounds and outages and we have responded to dozens of emergency plant outages. We have worked over 1.5 million man hours and have a stellar safety record. We hope you will find this unique approach to the specialty trades you need to be simple to manage and cost efficient. Our motto at ESCI has and will always be -
Safety · Quality · Quantity