Thermal Insulation Systems - for piping, chillers, duct work, heat exchangers, tanks, turbines, boilers, precipitators and bag houses.

Removable Reusable Insulation - covers for valves, flanges, site glasses, and other equipment, which require frequent access.

Refractory Applications - for burners, boilers, and other high temperature equipment.

Fireproofing Systems - for structural steel, vessel skirts, and building assemblies. Applications include lightweight cementation products, epoxies, intumesce and concrete products.

Scaffold Erection - erect scaffolding to allow access to work areas. To support construction, maintenance and operation activities.

Concrete Design and Installation - dirt work, forms, curbs, aprons, pad sites, footings, and piers.

Input Consulting - provide consulting on estimations for fireproofing, insulation, and other services offered by ESCI.
General Labor - to support construction and maintenance activities, concrete systems, housekeeping, mobilize and demobilize, yard maintenance, weed control, etc.

Fire Watch - standby personnel for flammable environments, which may include hot work, welding, etc.

Hole Watch - standby personnel for confined spaces or hazardous areas, which may require air monitors.

Painting - structural steel, piping and equipment using various primers and industrial finishes per customer specifications.

Heat Tracing - steam, electric, and MI tracing installations designed to control process temperatures and prevent freezing.

Fire Stop Systems - for virtually any opening or penetration through which heat or smoke might pass, ESCI offers a fire stop solution that will help minimize damage in the event of a fire.

Plant Maintenance - services involving any combination of the services listed above.