Commercial Fleet Services

Commercial Registration Requirements

Why DMV Service Corporation?

DMV Service Corporation is the world's most experienced automotive fleet management company, and a trusted industry leader. We provide major organizations around the world with state-of-the-art solutions, services and support.

Fleet management and licensing are all we do, so we're able to commit 100% of our resources to delivering innovative fleet solutions to our Fortune 1000 clients.

When we talk about results, we mean more than just the bottom line. At DMV Service Corporation, we work closely with your fleet team to help manage costs and mitigate risk. We focus on your vehicles and your drivers to help build an optimal fleet that meets your business goals each and every time.

What trucking permits do I need for my operation?

Trying to figure out what permits you need can be overwhelming and confusing. Sure, you can research it for hours on the Internet, but can you be sure you got all the right answers? Don't spend money on annual permits and taxes unless you have to. Depending on your operations, it may make sense for you to order all the available permits or perhaps just one or two.


Cost Management

  1. Manufacturer Pricing & Incentive Controls
  2. Vehicle Replacement Optimization
  3. Expense Analysis Tools

Supply Chain Management

  1. Manufacturer Relations
  2. Fuel Management

Maintenance & Repair

  1. Management
  2. Risk Mitigation
  3. License & Titling
  4. DOT Compliance

Safety Programs

  1. Fleet Administration & Ease
    • Data Access & Custom Reporting
    • On-line Vehicle Ordering
  2. Driver Productivity & Satisfaction
    • Fleet Policy & Driver Compliance
    • Fuel & Maintenance Management
    • Driver Contact Center
    • Personal Use

Commercial Vehicle Information

Title and Registration - Corporate

Untitled and unregistered vehicles mean lost revenue, lost driving hours, missed customer shipments, or worse. DMV Service Corporation has long-standing relationships with state agencies and expansive tag agent network allow us to We expedite the vehicle title and registration process for you. We work on your behalf to help you get your vehicles on the road and running legally so you can generate more revenue.

Our Title and Registration Management Service helps you with:
New truck purchases.
We help you manage your title and registration process from start to finish.

Acquisitions, Re-finances or Changes in Lien Holder.

We work with your bank or your acquiring company to get your titles up to date quickly and efficiently.

Duplicate Title

If you lose an original title, but have a copy of a current title, we help you apply for a duplicate title.

Title Search

Not sure? which state a specific vehicle is titled in? We conduct a fast, efficient search to find out.

Base Plate Renewals

We proactively manage and renew your plates on time.

Title Management

We hold, manage and track movement of your titles. DMV Service Corporation provides a full complement of services that make it easy to run your fleet. We handle all aspects of lifecycle management - from vehicle selection and ordering, to in-service upkeep and administration, to end-of-term resale - and we have the industry-leading experience and expertise to make sure you are realizing measurable value every step of the way. No matter what you are looking for out of your fleet, DMV Services has the tools and programs in place to deliver on all of your unique needs.


  • Right Vehicle
  • Acquisitions & Fulfillment
  • Inventory Management
  • Remarketing
  • Environmental


  • License & Title
  • DOT Compliance
  • Tolls & Violations
  • Personal Use


  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Fuel
  • Accident Management

Support Services

  • Driver Contact Center
  • FleetMonitor
  • DriverMonitor
  • ChangeDriver
  • Fleet Administration
  • Mobile Apps


  • Upfitting
    • DOT
    • Maintenance & Accident
  • Management
    • Remarketing
    • Telematics
    • Environmental

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It is valid indefinitely.

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