Plates By Mail

Plates By Mail - What is it?

DMV Service Corporation now offers you a way to register your vehicle that is either being shipped from another state or has been purchased from a new car dealer in another state or anywhere in the world.

The plates by mail program permits individual owners and new and used car dealers to obtain registration, license plates and titles for vehicles that are being shipped BEFORE they are shipped.

Why are plates by mail available?

Residents and newcomers are not always familiar with the laws and the requirements for vehicle registration in their state. This generally leads to frustration especially if there is a bank, finance company or Leasing Company, who is the lien holder. We want the residents and newcomers to focus on the daily problems of relocation, not the problems associated with vehicle registration.

DMV Service Center completely eliminates any and all difficulties individuals and dealers may encounter.

How to register your vehicle using plates by mail

There are 3 easy steps

1. Fax your current State Certificate of Registration to 310 909.8699

2. Have the VIN verified by Law Enforcement or a vehicle verifier at a new car dealership.

3. Complete the online form below and submit. We will immediately send a registration package to you.


VIN verification is not required for new vehicles which have the original factory MSO/MCO documents.

VIN verification form

For pre-owned vehicles, purchased from dealer or your own vehicle, State Law requires that you provide a certified VIN (Vehicle Registration Number) verification. You can obtain the form at any DMV office or new car dealer.

VIN check- Who does it?

Then take the vehicle and the form to any law enforcement officer or state licensed verifier at a new car dealer. They will compare the VIN on the vehicle and will then complete the VIN Check form with their address, officer name and badge number.

VIN check by Law Enforcement, your local DMV office or authorized VIN verifier is IMPERATIVE. It is extremely important that this be done before you ship the vehicle. .If you have any problems or questions, please contact us immediately.

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